ADAPT email

Responsive email design and coding is a perfect storm of challenges, combining the logistical and technical difficulties of both HTML email and responsive web work. But the business results are worth it. Besides, it’s a challenge I love.

ADAPT email desktop

I worked carefully with the product’s palette and tied in display type with the call to action button.

ADAPT email mobile

The design adapted to tablet and phone viewport sizes.

  • Challenge The association needed a responsive email design. It also needed the code for the responsive template it was using customized to work with this new design.
  • Solution I designed the email header based on existing art, and added the rotated green violator in the product’s color. I ensured the art remained readable when scaled down for mobile devices. I also modified and tested the responsive code to work with this new layout.
  • Result The email worked well and all breakpoints and achieved strong open and clickthrough rates.
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