Apple newsletter

Working for one of the world’s most prestigious brands was a life-changing experience that produced impressive results.

Apple newsletter cover

The page size is a whopping 14" x 20".

Apple newsletter cover detail

As you might imagine, Apple had demanding graphics standards.

Apple newsletter spread

I needed to ensure that large images like this one were the right resolution and that every detail was perfect.

  • Challenge Early in my career, as a production artist, I had the honor to work for a prominent design firm on the Apple account. My work included Apple marketing materials and even the packaging for Macs. This was one of my major projects, in an unusual format: a broadsheet newsletter.
  • Solution I collaborated with designers on details big and small, including tracking down images with appropriate resolution, fixing the type rag, and aligning design elements.
  • Result I’m proud to have worked for a major brand on a complex project and ensured that the result met Apple’s standards. I learned a great deal working with the meticulous and design-focused Apple staff.
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