ATM themes and screens

ATM screens? The medium was one I don’t get to work in every day, but the strong focus on branding fit right into my strengths.

ATM debit card screen

Working on ATM graphics was exciting, and I deployed and tested the graphics myself on a live machine on the street.

ATM Reward Yourself screen

To cut through the visual noise on the street, I focused on bold, easy-to-parse imagery and highlighted key words using the brand colors.

ATM Enter Your PIN theme

The client requested a translucent field for the PIN, which I created in Photoshop.

ATM Select Transaction theme

The buttons required testing to ensure that they contained the text.

  • Challenge For a credit union, I had the rare chance to create an updated look for their ATM welcome screens and themes, applying its new branding.
  • Solution I designed these tightly branded screens and themes. For the themes, I uploaded and positioned multiple image slices into the ATM system and tested them to ensure they achieved a unified whole.
  • Result The ATM screens truly enhanced the brand, and the credit union used these screens and themes for years.
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