Awards program

A program for a sales awards banquet celebrates the company’s new focus with memorable typography and imagery.

Awards program cover

The cover type sits atop a translucent gradient that overlays a street image.

Awards program spread

I had already worked on rebranding at an earlier job, but my experience at Bloomberg BNA inspired me to a love of branding and rebranding.

Awards program photo

A brand is not merely a logo. It’s the essence and feeling of an organization.

  • Challenge Bloomberg BNA needed a program for awards banquet celebrating its top salespeople that reflected both the company’s emerging, vibrant rebrand and the intrinsic energy of sales—and they needed it in hurry.
  • Solution I blended Bloomberg’s urban landscape imagery and brash palette, placing gradients inside the display type.
  • Result I met the tight deadline for the design of the program, and it was approved and printed in time for the event. This program really helped solidify the new visual identity for Bloomberg BNA.
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