Benefits brochure

How to get new employees excited about their future? With vivid imagery and graphics that suggest motion and vitality.

Benefits brochure cover digital

The brochure’s imagery showed businesspeople collaborating, but without the stilted feeling of stock photography.

Benefits brochure spread 1

The box holding the type is translucent.

Benefits brochure cover photo

Bloomberg BNA’s bold identity employed the typeface Akzidenz Grotesk exclusively to reinforce the brand.

  • Challenge After Bloomberg acquired BNA, I had the exciting opportunity to work with other members of the Creative Services department to integrate Bloomberg’s colorful, gritty branding into BNA’s marketing pieces. A previously published employee benefits brochure had the company’s far more conservative look, which the creative director was committed to pushing into the future.
  • Solution I overlaid gradients and Bloomberg’s signature glyphs on the cover image, then silhouetted two employees over another gradient background on the interior pages for an eye-catching introduction for recent hires to their new employer.
  • Result Even while I was still working on it, this piece drew compliments from coworkers walking past my desk.
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