Care Management brochure

This piece does double duty: enlightening a busy audience about a vital concept and introducing the elements of a brand identity I refined and enhanced.

Care Management brochure cover

Built on the company’s distinctive illustrations, the brochure introduced a zigzag motif that evokes both bar graphs and mountain ranges.

Care Management brochure

I standardized and refined this startup’s logo and palette, including outfitting it with a harmonious range of tints and shades of blue.

Care Management brochure Care Management brochure

I also ensured that the colors would print well on an offset press.

  • Challenge Create a marketing piece that explained a concept to physicians and office managers, then detailed how the company’s approach provided an effective solution.
  • Solution For this rapidly growing startup, I had just developed a company style guide that codified its brand guidelines and refined its logo and palette, outfitting it with a fuller vocabulary of color and more contemporary, less corporate feeling. The first project to employ the new brand guidelines was this six-panel brochure, aimed at a smart but time-challenged audience that could benefit from adopting new technologies.
  • Result The brochure went out into the field and served as an effective explainer and marketing tool.
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