Homepage refresh

As a transition to a full redesign, this refresh removes clutter and inconsistency to make the interface more user friendly.

Homepage refresh on large screen

This new design uses the same structure as the earlier design so that it could be implemented without extensive development work.

Homepage refresh

I reduced the number of typefaces to one: the webfont Proxima Nova, also employed in the logo redesign.

  • Challenge The old website had a dated look, but more importantly, a hard-to-parse interface, with too many buttons, differing typefaces and design elements, tabs that weren’t obviously clickable, and inconsistent text and link colors. Ultimately, we planned on a complete redesign of the website to go along with a rebranding. But in the meantime, I proposed a site refresh. However, we wouldn’t want to modify the page grid or section sizes just yet; that would take too much time and would have to wait for the full redesign.
  • Solution This easy-to-implement site refresh cleans up the dated design with basic CSS changes and image replacements. This quick update would serve as a transition to major redesign. Although we could have used the old logo with this new look, I took the opportunity to incorporate an early iteration of the new logo as a proof of concept. I downplayed the yellows and browns and made navy blue the dominant color, especially to indicate clickable text and buttons. I made all the link text blue and the non-link text the same gray. I reduced the number of buttons from seven to five and made them more uniform in design (including their color, effects, and corners). I removed border boxes that cluttered some subsections. And because users didn’t know that the main section’s tabbed interface actually consisted of clickable tabs, I redesigned the tabs to enhance their perceived affordance.
  • Result This refresh was not implemented, but I learned a great deal about working with this proposed visual identity for the credit union, both on the web and in other media.
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