Hot Topics web ads

This campaign consisted of a logo for a line of webinars, a series of web ads, and a print ad. For the background I used a blurred image for visual interest and to reduce production time.

Hot Topics web ad 1 Hot Topics web ad 2

I created the logo for this line of webinars.

Hot Topics print ad

The ad was adapted to print as well as the web.

  • Challenge Not merely a set of web ads, this project was actually a from-scratch campaign that required a distinctive identity within the association brand.
  • Solution I created a logo that was effective in a color or in white. For the background, I found an image of actual flames and blurred it dramatically to create an interesting gradient pattern of reds and oranges. The elegance of this solution was that the blurred image could be mildly distorted to match the various ad sizes.
  • Result The campaign was executed across diverse platforms, including web and print.
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