Immunization booklet

A reference booklet comes to life with a striking cover featuring an oversized syringe atop the display type and colorful inside pages.

Immunization booklet digital

The word “Immunization” incorporates a fill of polygons that suggests the mingling of microorganisms. This approach draws on a process called polygon triangulation.

Immunization booklet cover photo
  • Challenge This reference booklet is heavy with tables. We needed to create an attention-getting cover and a lively interior that didn’t distract from the important content.
  • Solution Syringes elicit a visceral reaction. I set an oversized syringe over the display type on a diagonal without hindering legibility. Inspired by a style of painting that gives the illusion of three dimensions, called trompe l’oeil, I exaggerated the offset of the drop shadow. I created other diagonal bars at the top and bottom to add tension to the composition.
  • Result The department was very happy with the cover and plans to adopt the palette I developed for other pieces.
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