Macroeconomic collateral

To represent income inequality, this event collateral starts with a strong image and accentuates the critical differences.

Macroeconomic poster digital

This photo of Belo Horizonte, Brazil, shows a favela and the business district.

Macroeconomic poster photo

The favela seems to pop in an almost 3D manner out of the poster.

Macroeconomic collateral

The workshop collateral also included a portfolio folder and notepad.

  • Challenge How do you depict income inequality in a way that’s both dramatic and tactful? To promote this workshop with a poster (and collateral materials including portfolio folders and notepads), the client wanted photos, but it’s a challenge to find a stock image that achieves that complex goal. I thought this identity should be a vivid, graphic-oriented, easy-to-parse one.
  • Solution I came up with a few versions of the identity, but ultimately the client chose one that included a stock image of a favela in the foreground and a business district in the background. What made the poster a success: I emphasized the difference of the two districts with contrasting transparent color overlays, combining the strong image the client requested with a graphical approach.
  • Result The poster, folders, and notepads were used for the conference and earned rave reviews.
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