Marketing poster

This poster shows board members that a department is working hard and achieving impressive results.

Marketing poster digital

We needed to create structure for the content yet still convey a sense of active energy.

Marketing poster photo

One photo from each section got an extruded cylinder for emphasis and fun.

  • Challenge This poster promoted the marketing department’s achievements for the year at the organization’s board of directors meeting. It also needed to include images of the department’s staff members. Other departments were creating their own posters in the spirit of friendly competition, so ours needed to stand out! I thought the previous year’s design was aesthetically pleasing but a little hard to comprehend.
  • Solution I split the content into clear sections. Because we had solid statistics to work with, I took a visual approach reminiscent of an infographic. using circles and novel 3D “cylinders,” color-coded for each section of achievement.
  • Result The poster stood out among the departments’ work.
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