Preceptor web ads

These banner ads add hidden details to delight without distracting from the main message.

Preceptor web ad large

In the background image, the faces of pharmacists offer a subtle complement to the message of the ad.

Preceptor web ads set

The design needed to work in the multiple sizes required on the website.

  • Challenge The client wanted a series of web banner ads promoting a sale on professional book titles.
  • Solution Because the ads were selling books, I wanted a background texture that subtly suggested printed halftone photos but didn’t distract from the content, including the discount. I used a simple halftone pattern with gradient overlays. Almost subliminally, the pattern contained images of pharmacists. I drew attention to the call to action button with an accent color that was used judiciously elsewhere in the design.
  • Result Another successful run of ads.
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