Values Poster

This poster illustrates the organization’s key beliefs with visual impact while honoring the brand’s integrity.

Values poster options

The American Red Cross is a stellar example of an internationally renowned brand. I love working within well-defined brand guidelines, particularly on an iconic brand that’s stayed vital.

Values poster

For the option with icons, I picked up three icons from other Red Cross projects, then researched and modified two stock icons to conform to the brand, including graphic style and palette.

  • Challenge

    I worked as a contract graphic designer for the Red Cross on the Branding and Creative team, part of the Marketing department.

    A regional division wanted posters in all of its offices highlighting the Red Cross Values. They were thinking about a clean, text-based design, but I wanted to develop additional options that reinforced the message visually with icons and photos of Red Cross staff and volunteers. Most critically, this poster focusing on the organization’s beliefs needed to command the viewer’s attention and be easy to parse.

  • Solution

    I presented three concepts and collaborated with the lead designer and the department to refine the design, including subtle changes to conform to brand guidelines. The client told the project manager, “All three are great. WOW!” We narrowed the final contenders down to an icon-based design.

  • Result

    The final poster design puts the focus on the five core values and resonates with the cross brandmark by setting them in red type. The large gray display type establishes a clear sense of hierarchy, and the icons reinforce the core concepts and make the poster quickly scannable.

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